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Various community guidelines and policies as well as a style guide.

The Geo★-down-under community offers a place to exchange ideas: articles, a discussion forum and a mailing list. The discussion forum is linked to the comments on the articles and is also available to start free discussions. You can register for this forum here. Please read the community standards page (listed below) before posting for the first time.

We run a moderated mailing list for the Geophysics Down Under community to exchange messages. To post to the list, send an email to geo_list@mail.geo-down-under.org.au. The mailing list is part of the forum and you sign up to 'watch' the mailing list topic to receive notifications.

If you want to write for Geophysics Down Under, send an email to editors_gdu@mail.geo-down-under.org.au.

How we expect you to behave

Our policy on respectful behaviour and conversation for writers, editors and contributors to the forum or mailing list.

Community Standards
We expect respectful, inclusive, and fair discussion and will not tolerate writing or commenting that directly or indirectly erodes the diversity and harmony of our community, causes harm, or undermines our reputation.

How to approach writing

A guide to who should write an article, what to write about and how to say clearly what you really want to say.

Editorial policy & Writing Guide
ScopeWe are looking for articles aimed at an audience of geodynamicists,geophysicists and geologist (honours students through to professors andprofessionals) with a very wide breadth of specialist knowledge. They willappreciate articles that are accurate, concise and do a good job of explaining…

How to write and edit a post

The writing machinery we use is based on the ghost.org editor with a few options that make science / technical posts more straightforward. This is a quick-start guide.

How to edit a page or post
A quick guide to writing content for geo-down-under using the ghost editor