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Geo★ Down Under is an open and self-organising community loosely coordinated by Louis Moresi of the ANU. We welcome new writers, editors and supporters. If you are interested, drop us a line: editors_gdu@mail.geo-down-under.org,.au

Geo★ Down Under receives support from AuScope to power the engines behind the website, the community forum and mailing lists. AuScope is Australia’s provider of research infrastructure to the Earth and Geospatial Science community. We also acknowledge AuScope, an NCRIS organisation funded by the Australian Government, in some of our articles on Geo Down Under where it has enabled the research, or research infrastructure, projects described within these blogs.

The Specialist Group in Solid Earth Geophysics (SGSEG) of the Geological Society of Australia provides moral support and lots of encouragement for people to write.

The Research School of Earth Sciences at ANU supports members of the school to contribute writing and editing time to the community.

Thank you !

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