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            <a href=Ben Mather Postdoc in the EarthByte Group at Sydney Uni (5 posts)
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            <a href=Brendan Duffy Brendan is a geologist with varied interests including regional tectonics, earthquake and engineering geology in the Banda region, Australia and New Zealand (2 posts)
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            <a href=Brian Kennett Brian Kennett AO FAA FRS is Emeritus Professor of Seismology at ANU. Ph.D Theoretical Seismology, Cambridge. Lindemann Fellow at UC San Diego and Lecturer at Cambridge. He moved to Australia in 1984. (3 posts)
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            <a href=Louis Moresi Geodynamicist and Computational Modeller at the Australian National University. Geo★ Down Under evangelist and editor. (15 posts)
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            <a href=Meghan S. Miller My research is on seismology for understanding the structural and dynamical evolution of the Earth and to solve outstanding questions in plate tectonics. (5 posts)
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            <a href=Mike Sandiford A geologist fascinated by the remarkable planet we inhabit. He works on landscapes, mountains and earth energetics, and is increasingly interested in the relationship between people and the planet. (3 posts)
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            <a href=Rhodri Davies I develop and integrate state-of-the-art tools that simulate mantle and lithosphere dynamics, with observational datasets, to understand mantle dynamics and its expression at Earth's surface. (1 post)
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            <a href=Sara Morón My research focuses on understanding the dynamics of sedimentary systems, including ocean-land interactions, river network evolution and tectonic and climatic interactions. (1 post)
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            <a href=Tim Rawling Tim is the CEO of AuScope which is the NCRIS capability responsible for supporting the earth and geospatial science community in Australia. Tim is a structural geologist and 3D modeller. (1 post)
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