Seismic Fly-past of the Century

Seismology Apr 1, 2021

Voon Hui Lai, Chengxin Jiang, Caroline Eakin, and Meghan Miller analyzed seismograms of the Royal Australian Air Force #RAAF100 spectacular aircraft fly-past in Canberra on March 31st.

Here is the recording from the seismometer at Parliament House basement and one from a temporary seismic node deployed at ANU by Chengxin Jiang. We clearly observe different signals from jet engine aircraft versus the propellor aircraft.

Try it yourself: you can watch the video of the fly-past and see if you can match the aircraft to the signal above. The ceremony started at 10:00 and the start of the seismic record above is at 0:30 in the playback. Thank you to the ABC for making the broadcast available.